Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Why 4th Avenue?

park avenue, new york
What do you think when you hear about 4th Avenue?
New York 4th Avenue? Cheese Cake?

i guess...this should be my 4th blog side,
hop-blog for few years...finally back to blogspot again!

kept silent for few months...
will reactivate my blogger life agaiN!

stay Tune! :D

======================                                                             =======================
it's day 4, in my holiday...
boring + boring =boringssss

i wanna go shoooooping! haha...
i wanna go movie!!! hahaha~

but...gotta work for henkel and hsbc competition...

keep me in your prayer list:

1. Can finish my group proposal for hsbc and henkel business plan competition
2. Will be shortlisted for the interview of the MACEE UGrad scholarship! haha~ i wan to go exchange!

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