Saturday, March 26, 2011

Full House! rihanna so much...
"e la...e"
running under the rain....
guess for few nights d...
sometime wet until innner wear also wet...
soooo cool...
keep forgot my umbrella lar! haha~
gotta bring a big umbrella starting tomolo!
thank God for tidak menjadikan aku sakit! lolz

people say...students have more times!
but i do not agreed!
we're not free...haha~busy for months...
a fruitful semester...
a experience-full semester
 gotta cut down my commitment in a lot of areas...and concentrate study is near! lolz
so busy lar these few weeks!

i would like to say a 'WOW' ! lolz
view the hyperlink below:
MY Cuti Apps, Elite! Production

saw it? our first video!
virgin post of Elite! Production~
back with glory!
and all glory should be back to God!
thank God for everything!
thanks my lovely family for full support!
thanks friends who help directly or indirectly...
thanks bros and siss for holding me and my team in the prayer!
gotta make more videos for you guys!
 we're champion for ADWAVE 2011...a national advertising competition~

and finally i earned some money for my DSLR! a lense perhaps...

thinking to start a proper team call : Elite! Production~
produce more local clips...
and earn money also! hahah~ thinking to improve myself on this...
earn some wonderful experience before enter the rat race!

and finally today got chance to meet the guy below!

a guy call Zhen Yick! lols...8th Penang officer...
gonna finish his studies in UNiMAS...
wow~spent a few hours with him...
old time story all out!
BB is a wonderful platform lar!
love BB so much!
knew him thru pesta...
and he is leaving for WAT-working and travel to Ohio!!
so jealous!! i want to go also lar! year or next next year...hopefully can join! haha
hope for more gathering with BB fellowsss!
let's rock the world with the anchor!hiak hiak hiak~

and i am damn tired lar~
love the word much!
gotta rush for my assignments 2moro...past due!
gonna sleep before the dawn! haha

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