Monday, December 6, 2010

Backpacker kaki-s needed!

life is short.
world is big.

wanted to go travel.
but travel alone is loney.
i ain't Mr.Lonely.

Anybody wanna join me?

1. Prepare your leave, if you are working. 12-18 days.
2. Prepare your money, about RM2-3k, all included. ( 90% will exceed...)
3. Wanted to witness God's wonderful hand!

No interview needed!


was...planning for a retreat...
thinking to go vietnam in next august,
but hor...
due to "UNFORSEEN" circumstances,
we failed the plan.

the last bangkok trip,
activated my backpacker-mood.
wanted to backpack!

many people chose to go indo-china countries, like
vietnam, cambodia and laos.
No doubt,
me too!

catching up later~will update more info! haha

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