Monday, December 27, 2010

I hate these parts!

i know...
no one is perfect.
but this world still got some people reaaaaaaaaallly dooo....
i dunwan to say foul words....
but reaLlly beh-tahan lor...
they are really training my endure-ness!

in the world, there are always people really think, he/ she is standing at the center of the earth.
and do whatever he / she likes.
never think of other.
i do something. but not to this extend.
sometimes...really hope can slap these people!
but you know...i will never...
but please a bit more considerate!

bad day bad day!

1. Registration

-ACE462 International Accounting, is no longer offered in SOM.
  the funniest part, we still manage to register thru "online".

-ATW212 only offers in Semester 1, according to one of the most powerful person in SOM.
but another powerful person in SOM says, only offers in Semester 2.
and i told one of them, because of this, if we cannot enrol these stupid course, we will not able to grad on-    time.
the funniest part, we cannot grad on-time not because of our lousy result, because of APEX system.

-and to add and drop subjects, instead of using online registration, we need to do it manually. and we are proud to say we are a green campus.
the funniest part, office clecks say we are giving them more jobs. what happen if the system is "updated", then no longer got these issue mah...before scolding other people, why not we review our APEX status?

-until now we still not yet confirm which semester we are suppose going out for exchange and internship.
the funniest part, SOM management team never consult industries before they make decision, and sudah siap everything only consult industry experts. adakah ini kerja dua kali?

we are supposed to proud for our APEX status, but these only making us disgrace. Problems are unavoidable, but we are supposed to minimize more problems to occur right? really do not know what the doo these dr are doing.

if changing to four year programme, will create so many problems and gain no advantages, why are we still so eagle to do it?

if changing to four year programme, and all the lecturers and staffs are not yet ready, why not we plan it first and get ready everyone? and makes no communication problem.

kinda of sarcastics that school of management is lacks of management skills.
if school of art is lacks of art skills, still can consider art school meh?

2. Hostel

and i am proudly to say that, i have reached Vegas! (because whole room got more than 10 holes, got lots of sands. and toilets toooooo! i guess...the owner of The Sand wanted to suprise me for these! lolz

and until now, i still cannot manage to get my stuffs out from the store. all thank to tekun management team. never state what time will them on duty to open the store. and only making taiji around. i am pround to say that i am not in the team. luckily.

and i guess i miss the time too! but it used to open 10-11. but this time around no.

thinking to move out next semester. but due to financially constraint. sigh gotta kill this idea.

seriously, are we ready for the APEX status? why private colleges can do much more better than us? really cannot understand.

seriously, if i have offended anyone of you, i am sorry for that. but still,  there is a big big big big, no, should say, a huge room of improvement! :d

sigh...too much complaints.
but seriously, i am not happy with the life now!
i miss home.

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