Tuesday, April 5, 2011

ルーイスです。(I'm Louis)

にほんごはとてもおもしろいです!(Japanese is very interesting!)

WELL...i am not trying to be arrogant with my japanese...
after all...i'm just a beginner!

after one year of learning, seriously, i love japan, and japanese.
maybe can find a japanese lady to become my wife next time?

just managed to complete my japanese coursework..
i did about japanese festivals!
only one word to describe:
i got a lot of ideas...
but i have no ideas how to translate it into Japanese...
luckily we have this ratio 50:50
which 50% english and 50% japanese...
with my limited grammar and vocab knowledge...
i think people are going to visit me in next qing-ming!
touch wood!

once in my life time...
must study or work there for 1 year!

but Japan is suffering now!
let's pray for them!
pray for the lost soul!
pray for the revival!
pray for the salvation!

Good night people! :D

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