Monday, April 11, 2011



Yea...kinda agreed with ky,
there is no spammer but visitors came my blog..
i should have said:
Thank You for visiting my blog, and tag yourself in my tag box.


it's 12am.
and is accompany by the rain,
with sort of bossanova music.

and of course...
with some notes...
TiTas...(tamadun islam and tamadun asia)
the best sleeping pills are history books.
i realised this since form 1...

watched a few clips with ky just now...
well...if you have got time,
search CP Production in facebook,
a creative guy,
made in Penang Malaysia
produced some lame clips,
but it make my day!
lame people need lame video!

and i should say...
"the night is still young"
let's have some study before i sleep.
good night people!

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