Saturday, April 23, 2011

INvestment or Hobby?

People's value.
i mean how world describe one's value?
talents he/she possesses?
one's wealth?
what you say?

my mind, is not about study and exam.
it's about money, money and money.
it's sinful! lols
i'm not worshiping money.
but i'm thinking on how to invest or add value to my money and my future money

i have a few friends in uni,
a few ladies,
they are quite smart.
they used their ptptn for investment,
for unit trust, for share, for gold and FD.

i'm so dumb.
only know how to use money for foods, cloths, and entertainment.
wasting money only.

and my newest dream,
to own a camera.
more precisely,
a solid DSLR value equals to about half to a solid gold coin,
it's a trade off.
hobby or investment.

No doubt, i still think that DSLR is sort of COMPULSORY for me.
but, it's another way of wasting money.
it's like choosing between
bread or chocolate?
travel or branded stuffs

but well...
investment and hobby,
all craps.
i have no money now.
both also inside my dream
i tend to worry a lot,
even before the things near me!!@@

i still believe that,
money is easy to earn.
but need good opportunity...

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